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What is SEO

SEO is an ever-changing industry. We all know it. Not long ago, SEO used to simply be about keywords, then it became about links, then it became about all that plus social signals, plus site speed, plus less tads above the fold, plus, plus, plus.

'SEO Sense' is knowing exactly what to do in the right situation at the right time. It has the potential to direct your SEO strategy. It can start up your creative juices if you need some. It can help your write you next article, shoot your next video, or record your next podcast. It overwrites your decisions from data in your subconscious.

SEO School

We're not just another SEO university, we're an educative online campus with you in mind. If you're enrolling here as a student you're not graduating here with just knowledge, you're assured to be an SEO specialist, guaranteed.

The school was not made for the lessons, it was made for the students. We've aligned all the lessons for your career focus, so you'd spend less time searching and more effort on learning.

There's no room for mediocrity, we give you what you deserve. Take it to the next level.

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I recommend this course to anyone who is starting out with SEO. Sean made SEO easy to understand. While I already had a basic knowledge of it, I still learned some new things, and many of the links he provided serve as valuable resources. Additionally, his graphics and writing style made it even more fun to read. There's no doubt about it - Sean is great at SEO!

- Marissa Sanfilippo

Sean's lessons not only helped me to get started with SEO back in the days, but also all my new team members. The simplistic way of explaining and covering the important aspects of online marketing make SEO Hacker School tremendously valuable and straightforward.

- Nicolas Caramella

If you're new to SEO or training a new member in your team, take SEO Hacker school's courses. It will not only build your basic foundation about Search Engine Optimization, it will also equip you with cutting-edge SEO tactics and strategies you need to compete!

- Venchito Tampon