Anchor Text

Talking about links, one of their most visible attributes is the anchor text.

On the front side of things

Anchor texts are what people can see as a direct description of the links in a website. It is what the link should be all about.

It’s more than just a description

The anchor text is easily the most important attribute of a link. It is easy to use and easy to see. It is the usually blue-colored letters that are underlined and looks  like this.

Why are anchor texts so important in SEO? Well simply put, it’s about as much the only direct description a search engine could ever have regarding the website your link is pointing to.

If you put an anchor text of “Milkshake” pointing to a golf techniques website, then that link would probably get less link juice rather than making the anchor text something like “best golf strategies” or “golf postures” or something like it.

The point is, you should check all the anchor texts of websites pointing to your site and make sure that it is relevant to your content and your site’s niche and topic. If the anchor texts are just a simple “Click here” then it weakens off an otherwise powerful backlink.


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