Anchor Title

This is one of the hidden attributes of a link. And it’s mostly overlooked.

On mouse-over

Anchor titles can only be seen on the front-end when you hover your mouse pointer over a link. It is a tool-tip text that pops out and describes the link further.

Not a very popular thing

Since it is not visible, it is barely fixed. Not so many webmasters include an anchor title because they find it as a waste of time. And to some extent, it’s true – you don’t have to focus on this to get good rankings.

But for some people (people like me) who are very detail-driven and are somewhat perfectionists when it comes to building a website, these minute details are extremely important.

Every factor counts – every small percent of an SEO factor will sooner or later be the distinguishing line between you and your competitor.

The title of the anchor text looks something like this:

<a href=”http://seo-hacker.com” title=”This is the title”>Sample href code</a>

This little detail in every anchor href code could be the reason why your competitor is just one rank ahead of you.

Never forget that.


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