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Assembling Booby Trap Content for your Audience

Content will not always attract leads. It does not have any purpose than to educate people. Content Marketing starts with great content but does not end there. With strong content marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever because it moves the conversion about business to a more personal environment.

Writing for a world of 36-hours-a-day Reader

People give you a few handful of seconds for you to present something that would interest them. Try to gauge you idea into something that will intrigue your audience and then start writing with an outline. Two seconds are the average time you have as a publisher to grab your reader's attention through your title.

SEO Copywriting for better Internet Visibility

SEO Copywriting will give you a chance to be one of the chosen few made visible to your market. It is the practice of creating quality copies that are also approved by search engine. In SEO Copywriting, it isn't necessary to sacrifice your writing style for technicalities.

Jumpstart the Viral Content In You

Takeaways: Going viral is the fastest and most cost-effective method to broadcast your business on a grand scale. Marketer should have the sense of right timing, right content, right people, etc. Take time to create relevant and useful informative content for your audience.

How to Integrate Low-Hanging Keywords from the Global Market

Takeaways: Remember to put your keyword in the best places possible and never spam your article with repeated versions of your target keyword. Just write naturally. If you cannot insert your keywords that's fine--you don't need to put a lot of keywords in a lot of times.

Content Marketing: Where’s the Beef? How to Cook your Content Right

Takeaways: The content of your content should back up your title. Only make promises you can deliver. Research about your readers and know what they like. Using Google Forms is a great way to ask your audience their feedback and suggestions on what kinds of content they want you to publish. Don't beat around the bush. Be concise. Avoid ...