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Internet Visibility

Takeaways: The very purpose of a website is to inform, to advertise, to promote and to share. But all these things will be put to waste if no one is visiting your website. The main goal of a website is to be found, to be visible. To achieve this, you need to draw in visitors through social ...

SEO Hacker Basic SEO Course Introduction

Introduction First of all, Congratulations [wlm_firstname] on being an enrollee of the SEO Hacker School! We are so excited to have you learn with us about SEO. This is the First ever SEO Hacker Basic SEO Course. As you all know... My name is Sean Si and I am the owner, editor-in-chief and SEO specialist of SEO Hacker. We ...

Keyword Prominence, Frequency, Proximity Tutorial

Takeaways: Your keywords should be prominent in your page. Place them in a location where it can be noticed easily. Put only the right amount of keywords in your page. Never stuff your content with unnecessary keywords. The closer your keywords are to each other, the better.

Keyword Optimization Guide Introduction

5 Takeaways Market Defining Keywords Customer Defining Keywords Product Defining Keywords Geo Targeting Keywords Related Vertical Keywords

Introduction to Links

Takeaways: Links make us move from one webpage to another. Links cannot be given away by webmasters so easily. You have to create link awareness. Links are expected to build up gradually--don't rush. Linkbuilding is an SEO strategy that focuses on getting or asking backlinks from other websites.

What is Off-site Optimization?

Takeaways: Off-site optimization makes up 75% of your SEO factor to reduce the power of On-site optimization. Off-site optimization refers to factors on your website that you cannot manipulate. It cannot be controlled by mere codes on your page instead it involves participation of human beings in the form of--links. Links serve as referral. If a certain website ...