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What is On Site Optimization?

Takeaways: On-site optimization deals with everything in your website that you can change  and manipulate--like codes. On-site optimization accounts for only 25% of your website's SEO because if it takes a higher percent, SEO will only be for the benefit of search engines and not for people.


Takeaways: Ranking is the main reason why we do SEO. Google's ranking system is composed of 2 major factors: On-site and Off-site Optimization. These factors are used to determine how well a certain webpage's SEO was done.


Takeaway: Retrieval happens when a search engine retrieves what it has indexed about your website and compares it with the search query of the user.


Takeaways: Google search spider or better known as Googlebot, gives the Google indexer the full text of the pages that it crawls on, which is then stored in Google’s database in  alphabetical order. In order for Google to achieve its maximum performance, Google's indexer removes stop words, spaces and punctuations because it does nothing in narrowing down ...

Introduction to Search Engines

Takeaways: A search engine does 3 main things: Index, Retrieve, Rank. Before search engines form an index, the first thing it does is that it lets "spiders" or "crawlers" read web pages, or “crawls” them so to speak, and follows links all throughout the Internet. Retrieving is the process of searching the index/database for any keyword related to the ...

Impact of SEO

Takeaways: Search is a common, everyday activity. Through the Internet, all the information we need is within reach. Information is money, and money is power. Making that information visible and available to other people is the main goal. That's why people looked for ways to rank higher in search engines--and that's what SEO is about.