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Launching Link Worthy Website

Website's linkability depends on what its capable of offering to its audience. Offering something unique and can't be found elsewhere product, service or content can leverage the site's reputation and perceived as an authority in the field. Since internet users have low attention span, having visually appealing layout, images and relevant content on your site can increase ...

How Responsive Design affects SEO

It is wise to begin making transition to mobile-friendly websites and responsive design because people are more comfortable using mobile than desktop or laptop in browsing the web. Users are more likely to stay in a more responsive page than those mobile sites that are not user-friendly. It makes it easier for users to share, interact and ...

Google Alerts

Google alerts allow SEOs to monitor specific keywords, topics that are trending, online mentions of you or your competitor's brand. It provides direct line to relevant content that appears in the web. Google alerts can monitor your website for suspicious activity and take appropriate action before real damage is done to your page ranking and band's reputation. ...

Competitive Analysis of Keywords

Understanding keywords for your business could provide valuable information to improving the strategy for your business. Knowing how competitive your keywords are will give you insight on how you could optimize your keywords.

Can Infographics Affect SEO

Takeaways: Infographics can be optimized by using the right keyword in the alt text area. Inofgraphics can generate backlinks, improve your brand's credibility and increase conversions. If done right, Infographics could improve the overall user experience for your readers.

Analysis of Competitor’s Business and Website

Takeaways: Understanding how competitors offer and market their product is an essential advantage for any self-respecting marketer out there. Studying your competitor's strategies can help improve your business, processes, and help you make important pivots in your own strategy as well. Using certain applications should help you monitor and understand your competitors efficiently.