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Status Codes

Status codes tell the search crawler to either continue or not and how to deal with the content on the pages. Wrong status code can send wrong signal to search crawler and negatively affect crawlability and rankability of a webpage.

Using Search Operator for SEO

Google search operators help users to determine competitive environment and the degree of work that an SEO campaign requires. Advanced queries used to narrow down the search into something specific commands. Using advance queries helps marketer to save time and also gather relevant information in results page.

Search Engine Limitations

Search engine is far from perfect. It has limitations and these limitations can cause major problems in rankings and conversion. Elements in your website might limit the search spider to crawl relevant data. It also looses opportunity to have organic traffic and interaction from users.

Using Rich Snippet for SEO

Takeaways: Rich snippet summarizes content to make it more easier for users to understand the pages in results page. It adds significant value in organic listing in search engine that can increase your web traffic.

Getting More Engagement from Facebook Fans

Takeaways: Get people read your content through creating open loops in your posts. These open loops give hints but don't obviously state your post. Launching contest in your Facebook page increases the engagement with your fans. It is very important to consider time in posting your content.

Jumpstart the Viral Content In You

Takeaways: Going viral is the fastest and most cost-effective method to broadcast your business on a grand scale. Marketer should have the sense of right timing, right content, right people, etc. Take time to create relevant and useful informative content for your audience.