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Mininet Creation

Takeaways: Creating a mininet is a manipulative way to clean a bad reputation and also securing a brand online. Cleaning a bad reputation takes a lot of time and effort. Once you've created  a mininet, populate it with good content and make sure to only practice white hat methods. Good content will eventually push the bad reputations ...

Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

Takeaways: Google Analytics Goals and Funnels are the perfect tools to identify how your goals are performing and how can you improve your website’s strategy There are different kinds of goals in putting up a website and these goals can be tracked through Google Analytics Goals and Funnels.

Google Analytics Integration

Takeaways: Google Analytics is a tool used to track user activity in a website. Installing a tracking code enables you to know the activities done by visitors in your website. Google Analytics will definitely help you improve your website's SEO and business development efforts.

301/302 Redirects

Takeaways: Redirecting a page means you're assigning a new URL to it. 301 Redirect is also known as a permanent redirect because ALL the qualities of the redirected page will be passed on to the detour page. The detour page completely takes over. 302 Redirect is also known as a temporary redirect. This is practically used if you ...

Importance of URL Slugs Tutorial

Takeaways: Unoptimized slugs are gibberish to people and search engines too. A URL slug is one of the factors for ranking. Stop words should be removed from URL slugs because search engines don't take them into account anyway.

Sitemaps Tutorial and its Effects on SEO

Takeaways: The purpose of Sitemap is to let search engine crawlers follow the links of all individual pages If you want certain URLs to be hidden from some users but still want those to be crawled by search engine spiders, then the best way is to include them in an XML Sitemap. Sitemaps are not for navigation, nor ...