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Outbound Links

Just as inbound links are important for your site's ranking, controlling your outbound links is vital to your site's on site SEO strategy.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is hot-stuff for a lot of people – especially beginner SEOs. The truth is, it’s not worth bleeding over coz you’ve got better things to optimize.

Meta Tags

This has been the common notation that come into people’s minds when they hear the term “SEO”. Whenever I mention SEO to someone who has little idea about SEO, I always get the “Oh those are the meta tags and stuff, right?”

On Site Factors

There are several factors that make up your on site optimization. In this lesson, we’ll shallowly cover up the different factors and their direct and indirect effect in your site’s SEO.

Mininet Creation

One of the best and most manipulative ways that you can clean a bad reputation using Online Reputation Management is through creating a mininet.


Search engine index databases have different layers where they segregate websites depending on the rate of change and updates that occur within the pages of the site.