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YouTube SEO- How to Optimize your Videos

Takeaways: Descriptions, likes, favorites, views and other factors does not affect ranking of a Youtube video.

Meta Tags

This has been the common notation that come into people’s minds when they hear the term “SEO”. Whenever I mention SEO to someone who has little idea about SEO, I always get the “Oh those are the meta tags and stuff, right?”

Learning Robot.txt File

Takeaways: Website privacy deals with having unwanted search engine bots crawling over you webpages. Robots.txt is a file that includes the directories that shouldn't be entered by specific or all crawlers.

Importance of Mobile SEO

As mobile surpasses desktop search, marketers and entrepreneurs have to make their own way on how to market their target audience in a way that can reach through their mobile. Optimizing User experience, pop ads, 404 pages, loading time of pages and content visibility are the basic thing to consider in order to reach your ...

Status Codes

Status codes tell the search crawler to either continue or not and how to deal with the content on the pages. Wrong status code can send wrong signal to search crawler and negatively affect crawlability and rankability of a webpage.

Using Search Operator for SEO

Google search operators help users to determine competitive environment and the degree of work that an SEO campaign requires. Advanced queries used to narrow down the search into something specific commands. Using advance queries helps marketer to save time and also gather relevant information in results page.