Copywriting Track

The Right Start

Learn about one of the most powerful driving forces of SEO. This track deals with content – how you can improve your stuff for readers. By the time you finish this track, you’re a copywriting all-star with SEO skills and knowledge to boot!

Built for the Write Mind

Be able to apply our lessons immediately in your website. Lessons include direct takeaways, explanations behind SEO copywriting practices and key points for web copywriting. You can read, watch, and apply our lessons without breaking a sweat!

Tools and Resources

Get the best of copywriting tools out there. From mind-mapping, to relevant content suggestions, to checking your copy’s SEO score. We took the time to weed out the bad ones and leave the good stuff just for you!

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Have a go in our lesson filled school made for people who have the appetite to learn about the tricks of the trade in the SEO industry. Curious? Let us give you an appetizer, your membership is on us!

  • Answer the questions that have always been asked in the SEO world
  • Sneak peek of the more focused track for your career path
  • Forum access to a helpful community that will answer your questions

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Make it Official

When you’re enrolled in our curriculum, we make it a point that you will graduate in our institution as a search engine wiz, equipped with the right knowledge to make giants like Google, kneel to your bidding.

  • Access the library of lessons and SEO knowledge we have to offer
  • Choose your destiny as an SEO Expert from: Copywriting, Technical or Marketing
  • Have a dedicated professional answer your questions

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