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“Yes” Content

You and I are created as emotional beings. We fear. We hate. We love. We laugh. We want. We feel. Feelings have a lot to do with your decisions – especially quick ones.

Emotional Writing

The web is a place for people. Truth is, the Human Emotional Filter (HEF) plays a big role in SEO. That’s plain, simple fact. SEO has extended to just being a technical, code guru into a job that requires multiple masteries that extend to the field of marketing, copywriting, functionality, and even design.

Guest Posting (writing)

Guest posting is a very powerful linkbuilding technique. Basically in a guest post, you have full control.

Why Constructing Quality Headlines should be a Priority

Any seasoned writer knows that, without the guidance of a great headline, one would end up lost in his own content, buried under a collection of unrelated ideas assembled through sad, aimless research.

Principles on How to Produce Engaging Headlines

No doubt the Internet is populated by knowledgeable bloggers with distinct writing styles and likeable personalities. Their willingness to share their expertise through dozens and even hundreds of well-written posts is a blessing, but a gloomy feeling arises every time we recognize the reality that a large chunk of this online population never gets read. ...

Understanding SEO Copywriting for Better Search Engine Visibility

Being witty, perceptive, chic, and funny might work well for any copywriter working for magazines and newspapers, but these traits won’t cut it if you want to make a distinct and lasting impression within the online universe.

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