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“Yes” Content

Takeaways: People are emotional beings. We are interested in things that affects us emotionally. A reader spends most of his time in skimming and you only have two seconds to get their attention. Readers consider how catchy your title, images and outline are before they read your article. Your content must establish a connection between you and your reader. In ...

Emotional Writing

Takeaways: Human beings are wired to feel. We usually act out based on our emotions. That's why it is not enough that you write something just for the sake of having something to post in your website. It is important that you pierce through your readers emotions by creating content that is engaging, useful and visually appealing. ...

Guest Posting (writing)

Takeaways: Guest Posting is one of the most powerful linkbuilding techniques. For you to be able to guest post in a certain blog, you have to do link prospecting or creating a list if blogs where you want your work to be published. The next thing you need to do is build relationship with the webmaster. Liking his ...

Why Constructing Quality Headlines should be a Priority

Takeaways: Writing a headline should be the foremost practice off anyone who wishes to write a blog post that will be identified by its reader. After establishing on how to write headlines, the next step to take is to discuss how we can write engaging headlines.

Principles on How to Produce Engaging Headlines

Takeaways: Keep your headline as short as possible without sacrificing creativity and accuracy. Your headline should contain the primary substance of your story. Your headline should empathize with the need of your readers. Add hype to your headline but avoid overdoing it. Only make promises you can deliver.

How to Write Powerful Outlines and Why you should give a Fluff

Takeaways: Brilliant ideas fly away that’s why it is advisable to write an outline to keep your ideas organized. Avoid freely typing your ideas on a blank page because chances are, you’ll have to keep editing your work or re-write the whole thing. Knowing your readers is an excellent way of knowing how to write your article.

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