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1. Technical Track

Are you more inclined to code? Programming and logic tickle your fancy? We will breeze you through all the lessons a code-guru should know about SEO.

2. Marketing Track

Brilliant ideas in your mind to attract people’s attention. The marketing side of SEO are for people with highly creative juices to reach out and draw people in.

3. Copywriting Track

The most basic type of content in the web are old-school, carefully written articles. SEO has a lot to do with your target keywords. Knowing how to mix SEO with your love for writing is a powerful way to reach the top!

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Becoming an Insider will help you try out SEO Hacker’s Basic SEO Course for yourself by letting you in on our lessons and letting you participate in our community forums for 15 days.

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With all the 22 SEO lessons included? Of Course! Plus, it is also meant as a “Free Trial” for you to see for yourself how the course will look like when you are Enrolled as a Sterling Student – gaining access to the complete 50 SEO lessons we have prepared for you.

What if I want access to the Whole Basic SEO Course?

Then skip being an Insider and go straight to enroll as a Sterling Student. We are also giving away a Bonus of three solid Modules if you Enroll as a Sterling Student now!

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