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Want to learn SEO? Looking for an online course that will take you through the fundamentals?

SEO Hacker School is designed to take you from a newbie to an SEO Specialist. We have compiled one of the best courses that will teach you SEO from a code-level perspective, copywriting perspective, search engine perspective, etc…

You’ve known us through the SEO Hacker Blog, now we want you to know what we know!

The Age of SEO

Times are changing and SEO is becoming more and more of a demand in each and every industry. Everything is going online. Being online means paying good money for the functionality, navigation, marketing, integration, etc., of your website. Why?

Traffic. People. Visitors.

Because visitors can turn into sales.

I believe there are a lot of people who want to be educated about SEO. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a personal website, business website, or what have you. People want to know what makes search engines tick. This course is aimed to do EXACTLY that!
– Sean Patrick Si
SEO Hacker Managing Director

Learn SEO in 120 Days

SEO-Hacker-SchoolA lot of people are asking me about SEO and how I got to learn it. It’s not rocket science – not at all. I’ve compiled a simplified run-through of 28 lessons for you so that you will have the best, fastest and easiest learning curve in starting your SEO knowledge.

This course is all about the basics and fundamentals of SEO. Which, if you ask me, is the most important part of the entire SEO structure. Believe it or not, SEO Hacker is built upon these lessons. All I’ve done is follow the lessons in this course and I was able to rank my desired keywords – sometimes in just a few minutes!

Learn SEO

“Can I really Learn SEO in 120 Days?”

Absolutely! And that’s what’s exactly going to happen with you as I’m giving it all I’ve got to help you and support you in your SEO learnings. When you enroll in SEO Hacker School, you can:

checkmark-red Post your questions and read our guides in the Community Forums100% Satisfaction Guarantee

checkmark-red Go through the 28-lesson basic SEO course at your own pace

checkmark-red Get notified whenever you’re getting left behind with your learnings

checkmark-red Get a Free SEO Toolset – and we’ll teach you how to use it

checkmark-red Go through our Customized SEO Exams

checkmark-red Have lots of fun with your classmates!

Now you might be thinking that this might be a low-quality course you’re getting into. My answer for that is: Just take a quick read at one of my blog entries and tell me if you find it low-quality – coz that’s how this course is gonna be and more. I’m also pitching in video tutorials and sessions to boost up your comprehension on the basics of SEO.


Black Graduation Cap“I don’t believe it! What’s in it for you, Sean?”

Well if you must know what I’m into then okay I’ll spill. I’m looking out for the best students to help me build SEO Hacker. The best students and the most active ones in the community will be on-boarded into SEO Hacker and become a copywriter, an internet marketer or an SEO specialist too! That is, if they so desire. Think you can make the cut? Then start enrolling! I assure you that you have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain!

The enrollment fee is a measly $30 for the Basic SEO Course – where else can you find an SEO school with a $30 enrollment, high-quality lessons and modules designed to simplify SEO for you, Graduate Certification, and full 24/7 support? That’s right – nowhere else.

There’s also a FREE enrollment level – where you can try out 4 of our lessons for yourself and see the quality and knowledge it brings to your learning curve. The free enrollment also entitles you to participate in our community forums where you can post your questions and concerns. Check it out!

How these courses are going to work

This course is in SEO Hacker School and can be accessed by enrolled students with the student level of Sterling, Chrome and Platinum.

  • Lessons will be available for reading anytime.
  • Forums are available for participation and citation anytime.
  • Email support will be available in helping you get back on track with your learnings.
  • Valuable resources will be cited for you to have further readings in other websites.
  • Other lessons will include video sessions with (Ahem! Yours truly) Sean himself.

It’s so easy to enroll and it’s so easy to get your lessons too – simply login, and the lessons will be served automatically. But you have to make sure that you read ‘em! All questions and concerns will be entertained in the community forums and not in my email inbox. So make sure you visit our community forums before, during or after the course if you think you’ll need follow-through with the lessons you’ll be getting.

Make your SEO Work Today!


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15-day trial


Again, to all new enrollees, welcome to SEO Hacker School’s Basic SEO Course!

May you enjoy the lessons, and learn Basic SEO thoroughly.

My best wishes to you all,

Sean Si signature.

Sean Patrick Si

SEO Hacker Managing Director

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