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Basic SEO Course

Keyword Optimization Guide Introduction

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SEO Hacker Basic SEO Course Introduction

Introduction First of all, Congratulations [wlm_firstname] on being an enrollee of the SEO Hacker School! We are so excited to have you learn with us about SEO. This is the First ever SEO Hacker Basic SEO Course. As you all know... My name is Sean Si and I am the owner, editor-in-chief and SEO specialist of SEO Hacker. We ...

Basic SEO Course Outline

Course Outline Of course, every Course has its outline. So before we start the lessons, we're giving you the breakdown of the main modules and what you'll be getting out of it Here’s the course outline: How do search engines Work? Introduction to search engines Search spiders Links Indexing Retrieval Ranking Layers On Site Optimization What is on site optimization On site factors Meta tags Keyword density Image alt text Outbound links Internal ...

Lesson #12: Image Alt Text

Photography has captured the hearts of a lot of people. Images and pictures are scattered all around the internet. And the good news is, you can optimize it for search engine visibility. Behind the scenes It doesn't mean that your images must hold words inside, no that's not it. It has more to do with the code ...


No I'm not talking about the twin, unshelled cousin of snails. In the internet, what you see in your URL text area in your browser are called slugs. Words to let you in Slugs are don't have much ranking factor for your site's SEO. So why do I insist on discussing Slugs with you? Factor in humanity You don't ...

Blog Commenting

Takeaways: Almost all blogs have a "comments section" to know the effectivity of the blog through the comments of the readers. It also lets blog authors converse with their readers. Commenting intelligibly on blogs gives you a bigger chance of getting a backlink. Never put extra link inside the comment or make your name your keyword because it ...

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