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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about giving value to your users so much so that it will instill loyalty and branding to your users. This type of marketing is permission based and is not interruptive.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Lovers of the Internet are exhausted by those pesky, desperate ads that either pop up or slide down their computer screen, begging the mouse cursor to knight their “Click” button. This would be a tad bit tolerable if they were properly targeted.

Information Design

Are you familiar with the quote “First Impression Lasts”? No matter how cliché it is, it proves to be true in a lot of instance, and for this instance, it would be for your work whether it’s your website or your article.

Competitor Research

Understanding and knowing your competitor can help you make your product, services and marketing strategy improve and stand out.

Getting more Engagement from Facebook Fans

Get people read your content through creating open loops in your posts. These open loops give hints but dont obviously state your post.

Analysis of Competitor’s Business and Website

Studying competitor’s strategy will improve your own business, website, product and also strategy.

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