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Search is still the Biggest Game in Town

Takeaways: Search is one of the foremost activities in the Internet. When we want to find out about something, the first thing we do is search the Internet. The Internet is so powerful that in just a matter of seconds, the information we need appears before our eyes. Once you've secured your position in search engines, it ...

How Important is it to be on the First Page of SERPs?

Takeaways: Being on the first page of SERPs is important because 90% of the world population only look at the first page result. As you get farther off from the first place, your click-through rate lowers down. You get lesser clicks than those sites displayed in the first page.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Takeaways: Content Marketing is a marketing method that involves constructing or producing informative and valuable posts/content and utilizing social media in promoting them. When your readers find your content informative and beneficial, you will gain their trust and eventually they will share it to their friends. In other words, you'll be able to reach your market and ...

Forum Posting

Takeaways: A forum is a great place when you want information from real people as well as a great way to tell people your knowledge about a certain niche. Forums affect your off-site SEO in such a way that when you've been considered as a reputable contributor in a specific forum, you can easily create a signature ...

Blog Commenting

Takeaways: Almost all blogs have a "comments section" to know the effectivity of the blog through the comments of the readers. It also lets blog authors converse with their readers. Commenting intelligibly on blogs gives you a bigger chance of getting a backlink. Never put extra link inside the comment or make your name your keyword because it ...

Information Design

Takeaways: A website should not only be informative, it should also be visually appealing and entertaining. Information Design pertains to your mode of web design, layout and use of images or other similar kinds of media. Placing your logo at the top of your page helps your visitors to identify your brand. Placing your content at the center ...

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