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A fast-track way to learn SEO. All our experience, knowledge, processes, codes and even internal documents poured out in our Pro lessons. Lessons are arrayed in Powerpoint slides and videos – all of which are especially designed for learning.

With over a hundred, beautifully designed lessons and growing, there’s no doubt you’re going to be the next best SEO Specialist.

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  • Foundational SEO Lessons
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Marissa Sanfilippo

I recommend this course to anyone who is starting out with SEO. Sean made SEO easy to understand. While I already had a basic knowledge of it, I still learned some new things, and many of the links he provided serve as valuable resources. Additionally, his graphics and writing style made it even more fun to read. There’s no doubt about it – Sean is great at SEO!”

Hamzah Kutub

If you want to learn about SEO and want to make it an easy and interesting experience for yourself, then I’d advice you to sign up with SEO Hacker School. This is simply the best SEO course I’ve been through. Many thanks to Sean who has been a wonderful friend and teacher for me throughout the course!”

Nicole Obligacion

I highly recommend SEO Hacker School. When I started SEO Hacker’s Pro Course, even without any prior knowledge of search engine optimization, I was able to easily understand the different lessons. Moreover, it was convenient for me to study SEO since I can access it online anytime. Thank God for an easy, excellent SEO Course!”

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