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Competition Backlink Trolling

There are lots of ways to spy out a competitor's moves in the internet marketing world. All websites are public. All websites are visible. Therefore all public activities of a website can be studied. One of those things are the backlinks of any website. And since you and your competitors are on the same playing ...

6 Common Linkbuilding Misconceptions

This entry is part two of 6 wrong linkbuilding mindsets. These linkbuilding misconceptions are subtle and creep into the subconscious of most SEO practitioners. Avoiding them will be a big help to an SEO practitioner's linkbuilding campaign. Continue reading 6 Common Linkbuilding Misconceptions

6 Wrong Linkbuilding Mindsets

Linkbuilding is one of the vital building blocks of your entire company's SEO. It is also one of the most tedious and risky tasks involved in SEO. There are certain linkbuilding mindsets that hinder us SEO practitioners and here are six of 'em. Continue reading 6 Wrong Linkbuilding Mindsets

Link Building Strategies: Why not Link Exchange?

I'm sure you've heard this before - link exchange. Ever had an email asking you to exchange links with them - Giving you the "You scratch my back, I scratch yours" kind of a deal? Just make sure you don't do more scratching than they're giving you. Note: If you’re registered as an Insider, you might not ...

Link Building Strategies: Artificial Link Building

Now that we've covered up Organic Link Building, let's move on to it's not-so-evil counterpart which is Artificial Link Building or what some others call Automated Link Building. Note: If you’re registered as an Insider, you might not be able to access some of the links in this lesson. Why don't you upgrade your membership to ...

Link Building Strategies: Organic Link Building

The first type of link building is called organic link building. This type of link building deals with anything that doesn't have to do with automated systems and/or practices that are frowned upon by Google and the SEO community. Let me just point out that these are just some of the organic link building methods that ...