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What is On Site Optimization?

First of the two major factors in search engine rankings is On-Site Optimization. This is the foundation of your website's SEO. Without on site optimization, Off-Site optimization is futile. Everything you can touch On-Site Optimization deals with everything on your website that you can change and manipulate. On-Site Optimization accounts for around 25% of your website's SEO. It ain't ...


Now that we've covered up Indexing in our last lesson, we will be tackling retrieval which is the second step of a search engine's function. Getting it out Retrieval is basically when the search engine gets a query, looks over it's index database and regurgitates whatever is relevant to the search terms (or keywords). It is a ...


To understand SEO, you have to understand the search engine. And indexing is one major function of our good friend Google. What exactly is search engine indexing? How exactly do they do it? You over here, you over there... Since this is the fourth lesson, I assume you already know that a search engine spider is a ...

Introduction to Links

Takeaways: Links make us move from one webpage to another. Links cannot be given away by webmasters so easily. You have to create link awareness. Links are expected to build up gradually--don't rush. Linkbuilding is an SEO strategy that focuses on getting or asking backlinks from other websites.


Takeaways: Ranking is the main reason why we do SEO. Google's ranking system is composed of 2 major factors: On-site and Off-site Optimization. These factors are used to determine how well a certain webpage's SEO was done.