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Blog Commenting

Takeaways: Almost all blogs have a "comments section" to know the effectivity of the blog through the comments of the readers. It also lets blog authors converse with their readers. Commenting intelligibly on blogs gives you a bigger chance of getting a backlink. Never put extra link inside the comment or make your name your keyword because it ...

Forum Posting

Takeaways: A forum is a great place when you want information from real people as well as a great way to tell people your knowledge about a certain niche. Forums affect your off-site SEO in such a way that when you've been considered as a reputable contributor in a specific forum, you can easily create a signature ...

Relationship Link Building

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What is Link Building?

Was teaching about Link building this week to a new batch of linkbuilders and I figured I should make an About Link Building post for any new linkbuilders out there who wants a one-stop resource to guide them. I'll be focusing on the different linkbuilding factors, linkbuilding methods and linkbuilding results. Continue reading What is ...

Web 2.0 Link Building for Branding

The web is getting better and better at serving users. There are so many websites transitioning to a web 2.0 model of user experience and functionality - and now there is what we call web 2.0 linkbuilding. It's nothing too complicated - let me show you how. Continue reading Web 2.0 Link Building for Branding ...

Link Search

There are lots of ways in the internet that you can use to search for links - or what is more widely known as link search. Link search is usually done through advanced queries in search engines or using link search tools like SEOMoz Link Finder. Continue reading Link Search