Technical Track

Bite-Sized Videos

Watch 2 to 5 minute videos that take very little of your time while giving you a no-nonsense approach of the lesson. Time is of the essence. So we made sure to put in just what you really need.

Beautifully Designed Lessons

Read a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. See a specific image, and three days later you’ll remember 35% of it. Combine images and text as a visual presentation and you’ll remember a whopping 65%! Get a grip on the best visual learning with our PowerPoint Lessons!

Community at Work

Connect with the best minds in SEO. We have a network of people who are helping each other out. SEO is not just a skill – it’s a passion that you develop. A passion in serving other people to make the web a better place.

Running the Right Track

Take control of your direction as your learn SEO. We’re not your one-stop-shop resource in all of SEO. We know that. So we took the time and effort to gather resources and point you to where you have to go when your bounds of SEO knowledge has surpassed our training materials.
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