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Technical Public

Keyword Density

Keywords and keyword density are the foundation of your website. While it’s true that this is important, there are even more important matters that need to be optimized such as links and user-friendliness. Invest more on producing great, quality content using your keyword.

Outbound Links

Just as inbound links are important for your site's ranking, controlling your outbound links is vital to your site's on site SEO strategy.

Anchor Text

Talking about links, one of their most visible attributes is the anchor text.

Anchor Title

An anchor title appears as a tool-tip text that pops out when you hover your mouse over a link.

Google Analytics Integration

So you’re a marketer and you work well with data. Data verifies strategies. Real data tells you how your users react to you. Real data should be the one directing where your SEO campaign should go. The closest place you can find your real data is in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

Websites have goals. It could be an online store or a subscription site, whatever it may be, it’s important to have good goals in a website. But knowing the progress in your goals is totally different.

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