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Search Spider

Takeaways: A search spider reads all the codes in the website as the search engines save it in the database. Search Spiders do most of the work when it comes to indexing.

What are Meta Tags and why are they important?

Meta Tags have been one of the  most basic elements of SEO. It is a must to know for every SEO practitioner. Are meta tags a factor in Google page rank? Is it important? What effect does it have in your site's SEO? Meta tags have been around since… Since I can remember. They have been ...

Keyword Density

Takeaways: Keywords and keyword density are the foundations of your website. While it's true that this is important, there are even more important matters that need to be optimized such as links and user-friendliness. Invest more on producing great, quality content using your keyword.


Takeaways: Search engines designed a layer system to save time and resources when indexing. Websites that update frequently get to be on the upper part of the layers. Being on the upper layer gets to be indexed more often than those on the lower layer (websites that are mostly static or doesn't update frequently).

Title Tag Optimization

Takeaways: A title tag is one of the most important attributes of your on-site optimization. Title tags can be seen at the top leftmost part of your browser. Title tags help your users know what your page is all about.

On Site Factors

Takeaways: Always interlinks your articles. This way, it will be easier for your users to navigate through your website. Keep your website design clean and simple. Focus more on user experience. Content is the most important part of your on-site optimization. Make sure that you check the length of your article. Don't beat around the bush—be straight, concise ...

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