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    Aman Bansal

    Many content marketers focus so much on production that they forget about coming up with strategies for their content. Content management systems help design and create the website, but how about when it comes to questions of what type of content to publish? What kind of audiences to engage? There are many other questions regarding this issue, and in those questions concerning the nature of your content, there is a bit of hesitation in responding. What content marketers need is a simple, yet expert guide to help them reach their utmost capacity.


    Pam Sallegue

    Hi there Aman! Your point makes sense. That’s why content marketers are advising to not focus on just creating content, but think first who your readers are, what do they need, and how will you able to provide them their needs? You should also consider what kind of content you should produce, your audience might prefer videos rather than blogs. There are so many things to consider before you start uploading content.


    You are right @Aman, it’s quality not quantity. That’s what niche websites are all about. You’ll only be able to identify content with the readers if you knew what kind of website are you or you are writing for. It’s interesting that you are aware of the content marketers’ need, what expert guide are you referring to?


    Aman Bansal

    Thank you guys here i have written some tips about content marketing strategy make sure it’s helpful.
    Source for topics
    Map out the battlefield before you head to war. Identify the need in the market through the online community and base your content strategy on it. To do this, read what relates to your subject of interest on social media, blogs, forums and web comments. The method is advantageous since other than helping you come up with topics for your content, it also lets you identify your audience at the same time. Knowing what the people want or need is a very essential part, if not vital.
    Align the themes of your content with monthly themes
    Themes make up a great deal of our physical life, but are hardly reflected on online content. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but when done right can provide an anchorage to readers encouraging them to wait for the next article or search for a specific month’s articles. Themes also provide a base on which your content will be built and improved on.
    Piece up your content to aim at something bigger or better
    If you decide to work your content on monthly themes, ensure that all articles of your content strategy work together towards a monthly goal. This ensures that your audience stays engaged all throughout and you are able to cleverly drive them to your ultimate aim. Your content strategy should have each article containing one of the four goals that include making sales, attracting leads, getting shared, and driving comments.
    Find the most suitable format and style to your audience
    From the first step mentioned, you identify the styles and formats your audience relates to the most. This will determine the tone of your content, length, and the method of representation. This content strategy is very important as it determines how successful you are in reaching out to your audience. You may have the right content for your audience, but you may also fail to deliver it to them by representing it wrongly or in ways the audience cannot identify with. Delivery is not a one-size-fits all thing. Like a fine tailored suit, it needs to be crafted into something that your audience will feel great connection to.


    Vince Salud

    Hi Aman,

    Totally agree with your suggestion regarding the alignment of content themes with monthly themes. I find that people can relate better to a series of articles rather than independent articles or a really long one. The former just seems insufficient while the latter tends to be too much to absorb in one sitting.

    By creating a series of articles with a common theme, you can not only hook your audience but reel them in and make them keep coming back to your blog. Awesome strategy! Thanks for the tips you provided.


    Thanks for the step by step tips Aman. #2 was definitely a take. Can you provide examples of those themes? Would really appreciate more if it comes to your personal content marketing experience. I know it would really be awesome to do it, but it will definitely take some big bang ideas.

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