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    Pam Sallegue

    Recently, people from SEO Hacker are all inspired to write – some do it to express how they feel about something, while others do it to educate. No matter what the purpose is, have you ever wondered if you’re convincing someone? Are you credible enough as a writer? Here’s a great post from a great man, Demian that will help you (or us) how to be an authoritative writer: http://www.copyblogger.com/build-online-authority/


    Joy Joven

    Thank you for this, Pam! I love #2!


    the no.6 really had me thinking… destroy your own popularity and re-create yourself. Thanks for this article ms.pam. 🙂


    Thanks for the great takeaways Pam. Really helpful to my writing path.


    Jonalyn Ayatin

    Thank you for sharing Pam, I like number 4 avoid influencing anyone. 🙂


    I guess my fave would be “Avoid influencing anyone” cause I’m trying to start my writing career and I cannot help but think deep about my target readers. Now I can lax on that part a little. 🙂


    I’m still working on #7, honestly. haha


    Harry Uy

    Hmm low profiles, really? Don’t know if I can agree on that. Nevertheless, good read!


    Great article! Thanks for sharing Pam! Such a great reminder to everyone especially to all beginner bloggers. This article will help align our will, mindset and heart of why we write. I believe there are two main reasons why people write and it boils down into money or passion, but as myself I strongly believe that the latter should comes first.


    sandy dulay

    “The more self-assured and confident a communicator you are, the more likely people will accept what you say.”
    This one has an impact on me upon reading what you’ve shared. Thanks Pammy!


    James Bayot

    #3. Play hard to get. :))))

    Anyway, I like the tips that pretty much say that you don’t directly tell your audience what you want to say. And I love the “convert” part.


    Harry Uy



    Awesome tips! 😀


    Vince Salud

    To sum it up in three Cs:

    Clarity – be sure that your content is able to send its message across to your intended audience
    Consistency – stick to the style that works best for you and refrain from experimenting with styles that don’t.
    Collaboration – engage with your fellow writers and aim to come up with an article that will blow everyone’s socks off.


    I remembered Jeff Goins article related to this!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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