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    Like Link Building …
    So what are the steps ? How ? by using black hat seo ?


    There are many ways to build links like blog commenting, forum posting and through guest posting. And for additional information, here’s the link building tutorial. you can access this with your PRO account.


    Hey Emelyn, you will not want to waste your time using black hat SEO since it has long been dead. As for link building, there are no definite steps but you’ll find numerous link building techniques on the web and it’s up to you to choose. You should read this post on how to execute a successful link building campaign. Let me know if this helps you.


    Hi @Emelyn! You can try by interlinking your own material first, as practice!


    Jonalyn Ayatin

    Hi Emelyn, I agree with Jill and Denise blog commenting, forum post and guest posting to other website you can also use directory listing to get backlinks.


    sandy dulay

    Hi Emelyn, SEO Hacker is purely using white hat process, not only because it’s legal but also it will surely give you good result along the way. Hope you learn a lot from the links they’ve provided you. Have a great day!


    @jona, great addition of directory listing!


    Jonalyn Ayatin

    I agree with Ms. Sandy we are using white hat in building links.


    Black Hat isn’t really advisable, as it is spam-like promotions in nature.


    Jonalyn Ayatin

    In addition black hat is not allowed by google. 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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