Is there a line between really good seo and overdoing it??

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    I’ve heard that “over” optimizing your site gets you penalized. I just want to ask where the line is between good SEO and “over SEO”. Is it something I have to just feel my way around or is there a clear boundary? If so, what are the things that I shouldn’t be doing to avoid “over-optimizing” my site? Thanks!


    Vince Salud

    Hi Pithree

    That “line” you’re referring to is what you call unnatural optimization. For on-site, if you target too many keywords in your title tag, meta description, headings, and content, it’s going to look really spammy. For off-site, if you build too many links that have exact match anchor texts or have a ton of irrelevant links pointing to your website, you’re likely going to get penalized in the long run.

    Here are 3 articles from SEO Hacker which you can refer to for more information:


    Hope this helps!




    To answer your question: Yes. How do you avoid it? By trying to mimic how a real website would generate content, create or attract backlinks (quality and quantity) and making sure that your site structure is natural. No shady tactics like cloaking or questionable redirects.


    Thanks so much for the reads Vince!

    Sean, that’s a really good tip!


    Over optimization refers to extra, bulk or spam activities that we put to get results earlier. These are the extra efforts that we do to improve ranking. To avoid this, put quality work than quantity.


    Vince Salud

    Indeed Modcar. Quality over quantity.

    Do you have any insights as to what type of quality optimization techniques we should be doing?


    over optimization leads to spammy one….so do what the website really needed


    yes good optimization is differ from over optimize ….google may think as spam of over usage of keywords..etc


    Sumit Sharma

    Not to follow the algorithms of the particular search engine may make your SEO bad.


    Yes, that means you can’t do too much backlinks for your website. Otherwise you sites get pennilized by goolge.


    Jay Soni

    It is not about link building in bulk size. you need to careful that build links in in relevant category and not to submit in irrelevant website. Otherwise your ranking will be down.



    I think one should not use to over keyword density and he should also focus not to post spam-my links on different sites. I think he should focus on making the quality back links instead of making the number of low quality and low DA back links.

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