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    petre ioan

    The best keyword research tool is Wordtracker. By entering a keyword on our market Wordtracker shows and other related terms (singular and plural) and analyzes competition for each keyword.

    Useful tools for keyword research:

         Wordtracker – the most popular keyword research tool offers advanced keyword research and translation after.
         KeywordElite – is a keyword research tool with many research. This tool will collect thousands of keywords in different places. It is used by most top SEO companies and PPC marketing.
         Keyword Suggestion Tool
         Keyword Research Tools
         Google Adwords – Keyword Tool.


    Dhanishta Zinavo

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    thank you.

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    thank bro



    Thanks for sharing that Angie


    imran bashir

    Hi there,

    For me, I experienced that we can’t say that a certain tools is good for keyword research. Because if we will use a single tool, our research data will be very limited. What you girls and guys think about this strategy?

    – Go to Google.com and start typing already brainstormed keyword, Google will start giving you suggestions, yes, I’m talking about the Google Instant/Suggest.

    Note few keywords researched this way.
    – Now Move to the Search result page’s bottom and look for LSI keywords and see if you can find some relevant keywords, note them too
    – Use SEMRush or SpyFu to see the keywords for which your competitors are already ranking, also extract the relevant keywords from this way
    – Check your competitors meta titles, descriptions, h1’s, image alt text etc
    – Lastly, use Open Site Explorer to find the anchor texts for competitors

    At last, add all these keywords to create a big list, now you may use a wordtracker, Google Keyword Planner, or any other free or premium tool.

    Pro tip: Following such or any other detailed process ensures that you’ll not miss out any important keyword.


    Pam Sallegue

    Wow Imran, this is a good suggestion! 🙂 I usually use SEMRush for doing keyword reasearch.


    Vince Salud

    Apart from the ones listed, here I also check out Google Trends and a recent discovery, keywordtool.io. I suggest you check these out as well folks.


    Thanks for sharing the information. With proper search you can also find other keywords tool & also can take premium membership to find best results.



    I agree with you. The keyword research is one of the basic element but i have also heard that the long term sites usually don’t need this.



    Thanks for sharing your ideas; your thought provides quick and easy steps on how to properly use strong keywords and optimize your website.



    I am using google keyword planner for doing keyword research. In that you can check for competition of keyword, monthly searches and many more.



    There are many keyword research tool available
    keyword planner tool



    there is also another tool which is keywordeverywhere

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    What are the benefits of using Wordtracker for adwords competitor analysis in comparison to Google Adwords? I’m asking because I thought Google Adwords is the best tool in the market for that.

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