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    Vincent Olaer

    Since the implementation of Google Penguin, link building at least the most part of it is no longer effective. Say goodbye to blog networks, link farms, even spamming.

    How about you Sean, how do you exactly implement link building these days?


    Hey Vincent,
    Linkbuilding is still an integral part of SEO and I honestly think that links will always be part of SEO because of the supposed naturality of its essence. Manipulation of links is growing to be less and less effective and natural links is growing more in its weight. I honestly think that building links through cornerstone content (http://seo-hacker.com/cornerstone-content-acquire-word-mouth-links/) is going to be the one running the torch in the long run.

    Frank Devine

    1.     Establishes Your Reputation

    One way to build links is to engage in online activities that allow you to leave your virtual DNA. You can leave comments on other people’s blogs or websites and link back to your site.

    2.     Showcases Site Blog

    Blogs are a great way to establish your authority in a particular niche. It is the mouthpiece for your business. You share opinions and insights that visitors find useful. This creates natural back links to your site as they routinely visit your site, bookmark it, or send a link from your site to their colleagues and friends.

    3.     Includes Social Media

    Now that social media has officially taken over the world, link building just got a bit easier. You can incorporate social networks in your link building campaign and since they have significant numbers of followers, you can link much quicker than with traditional avenues.

    4.     Optimizes Entire Site

    Your entire site benefits from a link building campaign. Search engines index all web pages, not just your homepage. This means you can back link to as many of your web pages as you want during your link building process.

    5.     Increases Site Rank on Search Engines

    This is directly related to the previous benefit. Indexing is how your site is included on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is good news! But, really, you will only get visitors if your site is ranked high enough, say the first page or so. Back links directly impact your SERP ranking. Search engines typically view a high number of back links as proof that a web site has quality content.

    6.    Boosts Traffic Volume

    The ultimate outcome of the high SERP ranking is traffic. The more links you have, the greater number of visitors you can receive. One way that a link building campaign can increase traffic is with link baiting. This involves adding some type of promotional content on your site for the purpose of baiting or drawing other sites to link to you.

    7.     Improves Quality of Traffic

    Quality links means quality traffic. By verifying the quality of the links you are connecting to in your link building campaign, you increase your chances of getting quality traffic. These are visitors who do more than click the link to your site and then immediately exit.

    8.     Results in More Conversions

    As long as you have a good website, you will benefit from the increase in traffic by getting more conversions. Conversions mean revenue or some other concrete benefit to you. Site visitors convert to customers when they make a purchase or otherwise accept what you are offering.

    9.     Widens Web Presence

    The more links you have, the greater your web presence becomes. As long as web users see information about on other sites that link to you, your presence will grow. The more they see you, the more credible you become to them until they finally click that link to your site.

    10.     Makes Site Competitive

    Combine all of the previous benefits and you end up with a site that will give your competitors a run for their money. You can take it a step further and research your competitor’s back links. You can learn what anchor text or keywords they are using to obtain quality links.

    11.     Builds Site Brand

    It’s just logical that as you become more competitive as a result of the increased traffic that comes to your site because of your link building campaign, you are simultaneously establishing your online brand. This is not to be taken lightly. Make sure that the brand that is being built around your site is the one you want. Not all brands come into existence through deliberate planning – some are accidents, happy or otherwise.


    after implementation of Google Penguin the Linkbuilding are not as effective as they were before the penguin but still gray hast or black hats will try to get through it in any way and bring some thing good in there views

    Vince Salud

    Linkbuilding is certainly still effective. It can effectively bring your rankings up and conversely, down as well. As long as you follow and implement white hat techniques (such as quality guest posting and broken linkbuilding) in your linkbuilding strategy.

    If you notice, I mentioned the word “quality” earlier. So if you build low quality links, suffice to say, you can kiss your rankings goodbye as Google will most likely penalize your website due to it having unnatural links pointing towards it. So, make sure to be double-check the quality of the links you’ll be building.


    Hi Vince,

    Yeah I agree! And there is no better link building technique than amazing content. When you write something extremely valuable to your readers, it will naturally attract links. We share things that we find valuable. It’s human nature. And the main point here is that Linkbuilding is definitely effective.


    sachin kumar

    Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

    Peter Jones

    Yes, definitely. Link Building is still effective But, We should build backlinks on authoritive websites and the anchor text should be natural and the content must be fresh and original.


    Couldn’t agree more Peter. Keep rockin’ it!

    adrian gana

    just do what Google likes and you will surely rank top.

    odesk – https://www.odesk.com/users/~0177479cac800c6e0c


    Will it still be effective even if most webmasters are making all their links “nofollow?”


    Hi Marc, Absolutely yes! Nofollow links are still effective, just because they don’t provide SEO link value doesn’t mean no follow links are worthless. No follow links still provide valuable referral traffic. A well-placed blog comment or a relevant forum post, no follow or not, can send a huge amount of traffic to your site,

    Pam Sallegue

    I do agree with you Robin! Of course dofollow link will always be more valuable than the nofollow, but then again, like you said, it doesn’t mean nofollow links are worthless at all. I used to be afraid when I blog comment and found out that my link is in nofollow, but after a while, I saw that some referrals came from those nofollow. When your comment, forum post or blog is significant, whether your links are in nofollow or dofollow, people will find you interesting, and will click on your links. 🙂


    I agree with Peter,getting links from authority sites is key to ranking thesedays, and in order to get these links you must study how to tailor you link building strategy on how to acquire these kinds of links.

    ex : Niche : Home Security

    If you have a home security review website, you can contact police websites(which are very authoritative) and let them know that
    you published a review containing their organization in it. they’d be more happy to link to you if they like your post,,also
    if you nurture this website it will gain some traffic and followers as well = more links!

    Dejvis Devic

    I think link building is on off basic things in off-site seo.And what is most important for geting good links?QUALITY CONTENT!Yes,if you have quality content,people will link to your content.

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