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    James Bayot

    I don’t know; the article kind of makes sense, but it feels too negatively worded. Not that I’m affected anyway.


    Jonalyn Ayatin

    I think it depends on the purpose of your blog, if it is more on advertisement and increasing of page rank it is really difficult.


    i agree that it came off a little negative..

    Joy Joven

    Wow this is discouraging for starters. I dont know if the writer is being realistic, or just being pessimistic.

    sandy dulay

    Reality wise, it is somehow true but this doesnt help newbies. For me, it’s a bad way to start your year blogging about negative things such as this.


    Honestly, I liked the read @James. Chitraparna was straightforward. “Blogging gives money’ is what every new blogger thinks. Every other person joins this field after learning that all you have to create a blog and add some content and earn money.” Well, who hasn’t?. It just came off negatively since she was biased–using words “doesn’t”, “cruel”, “stagnancy”, “troubles”, and “no”.


    I agree with you, Denise. Her opinions were biased so it came off negatively especially in the introduction.

    Jonalyn Ayatin

    I agree with you Denise, making money is one of the purpose why people blog, but with the way the author deliver it sounds negative.


    @Jillian at least she hates to be a spoil haha


    denise, i think being blunt and direct is just the way to go to make a point – Blogging is a great influencing tool.


    Jillian, I totally agree. Her approach was unique in a way that “Unless you’ve proper guidance of blog and blogging, it is best not to venture into uncharted lands because you’re not ready.” haha

    Jonalyn Ayatin

    @Jillian, I agree blogging is a great influencing tool and way of expressing ourselves.

    Pam Sallegue

    I think it’s a bit late to comment on this post, but I kinda agree with the writer – yes, it does sounds a bit pessimistic, but I like when he said that blogging is more than just monetizing it, or for the sake of PR – I think the writer just wants to vent and explain the deeper meaning and essence of blogging.


    In some ways, she does make valid points about blogging. I mean if in every content, your only concern is to generate money, as a newbie, this might not bode well for you. Blogging isn’t a get rick quick scheme. I do, however, find no fault in people who want to use their blog for profit. Some novelists, etc. have come from just blogging about their stories.

    Also, she talked about finding a niche that is super unique, or at least a few people have delved into. While this might help make you stand out, there’s a variety of ways to write about the same topic. And writing style taste vary among people. People will eventually find your style to be apt to their taste.


    Thanks for sharing!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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