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    Jackie Tabuada

    Is social bookmarking good for building backlinks? Thanks



    In terms of PageRank, no

    In terms of traffic, yes


    Frank Devine

    1. Get indexed by search engines.
    Search engines have spiders that go through social bookmarking sites regularly and index websites that submit contents to them. Being indexed strengthens your presence in the internet and puts your site in search engine results.

    2. Quality and legitimate method towards SEO.
    There are many ways to bring traffic to your site and some can be in the form of spam, which brings huge traffic but puts your reputation at risk on search engines. Social bookmarking is a legitimate method of drawing traffic to your site.

    3. Quality backlinks.
    By submitting your website to various social bookmarking sites, you are in effect creating links that will direct readers to your web pages, which is another way to increase traffic.

    4. Develops your social presence.
    The content you submit to social bookmarking sites will attract readers who are interested on the same subject. Eventually, you can form a community that includes readership from all over the world.

    5. Creative blogging.
    Doing blogs on your own will limit your scope and narrow your ideas. By joining a social community and reading through social bookmarking sites, you will notice which topics are more in demand and which type of content earns more likes. This will give you ideas on what to write and it can also improve your writing style.

    6. Increase your popularity.
    People who like your content will likely recommend it to their friends and those friends will further recommend it to their friends. What happens now is a domino effect that heightens your popularity at no cost at all.

    7. Strengthen your brand.
    Joining a social bookmarking site allows you to have a profile page where you can write down your expertise and the list of your sites. If you win the interest of a reader, he will likely want to know more about you and visit your other sites through information provided here.

    8. Keeps you updated.
    Social bookmarking sites let you in on the latest buzz in town, especially on the subjects that are related to your niche. This can prompt you to deliver the latest news too so that your social circle will continue to patronize your content.

    9. Reach a huge market.
    Social bookmarking sites can be viewed by anyone from around the world. It is a hub for readers from everywhere because of the wide array of topics and subjects covered by the contents. Your content can stand out and receive its own followers if you continue to write and submit quality articles.

    10. Authenticates your site.
    To rank high in search engines, you need to have an authentic website. To achieve this, you need to build your reputation and presence on the web. High traffic, huge followers, and a strong social presence are just some of the many ways a social bookmarking site can propel your search engine ranking.

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    hey my man Frank do you have copy and past it from another website ??? it seem like that



    I think Frank is here to promote a product. And yes, he probably just copy-pasted that one.


    Vince Salud

    I concur with Sean. I wouldn’t spam a whole lot of social bookmarking links to your site if I were you. Just a select few that’s sure to bring in qualified traffic and hopefully natural links along with it.



    The key to success for your online business is link building. And social bookmarking or social tagging is one of the most common methods to get traffic as well as improve ranking of your website.



    I’m a little bit confused doing social bookmarking. Because now a days few people this according to my experience.



    Social bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize bookmarks of web pages. Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share, using a social bookmarking site to store these links. This is really important offpage activity in seo to get backlinks.

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