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    This is just the beginning of marketing AI. While advancements are moving quickly, most content marketers haven’t undertaken much research on how AI can and will influence their jobs, businesses, and performance.

    Artificial intelligence won’t only augment or automate certain activities related to content marketing. It is also going to change how marketing channels work and which skill sets are needed to flourish in the near future.

    When marketing AI systems have the capability to optimize paid and search campaigns automatically, the skills which marketers are valued for will change.

    Marketing AI is increasingly becoming capable of generating educational reports. Because of this, the kind of analysis valued by and required of marketers will probably be different. If marketing AI is able to create basic content, content marketers will need to adapt.

    It is obvious that marketing skills change with the times. But, with the help of marketing AI, these skills will be changing even faster.

    As intelligent systems learn and improve, they’ll become increasingly effective at performing cognitive tasks previously reserved for humans.

    Artificial intelligence isn’t here to replace human intelligence but can work side by side with human coworkers.

    While AI is going to be exceptionally good in data analysis and might offer possible solutions and suggestions in the years to come, it’ll still be up to us to make decisions about strategic choices and think out innovative solutions.

    At present, marketers are focusing on utilizing artificial intelligence for enhancing efficiency and automating tasks, but it can be utilized for so much more.

    It comes of no surprise to me that today, marketers are quite worried about artificial intelligence replacing their jobs. My take is that, in the future, AI will act in service of marketers, not replace them.

    Specifically, it can help marketers make sense of the information at a deeper level, accelerate tedious and time-consuming tasks, and help marketers make quick decisions to ensure the best experiences are always delivered to customers.

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