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    Ditto. Exercise and living healthy always helps. I find doing something that is completely different from what’s causing the stress. An activity will keep your mind away from the stressor, even for just a little while

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    Someone sent me an article about different sleeping patterns for people who find it hard to sleep early. I’ll find it, it might help some of us who naturaly have weird sleeping habits

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    I think it was discussed in one of my classes when Jeff and I were at Uni, that ice cream and chocolate is responsible for helping the brain produce dopamine. Dopamine is the happy hormone! There are a lot of happy hormones, and dopamine is the most well-known.

    in reply to: 3 Simple Things To Remember When Delegating Tasks #24151

    Thanks for this! This is a great way to let the employees learn. Of course leaders will have to closely supervise their learning, but I feel like delegating tasks is an effective way to teach employees to learn the traditional and innovate and cook up ways new ways to get the job done

    in reply to: Not to Blog in 2015? #23834

    In some ways, she does make valid points about blogging. I mean if in every content, your only concern is to generate money, as a newbie, this might not bode well for you. Blogging isn’t a get rick quick scheme. I do, however, find no fault in people who want to use their blog for profit. Some novelists, etc. have come from just blogging about their stories.

    Also, she talked about finding a niche that is super unique, or at least a few people have delved into. While this might help make you stand out, there’s a variety of ways to write about the same topic. And writing style taste vary among people. People will eventually find your style to be apt to their taste.

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    The breathing exercises are even more interesting to do when you imagine the nutrients in each cell in your body, burning to release energy. I read somewhere that the nose, the lungs, and the muscles concerned with breathing help transport metabolised oxygen to each cell so that energy gets distributed in the body. This is probably why it is one of the best stress relievers. Thanks for this!

    in reply to: How to know if you or your workmate is a WORKPLACE ZOMBIE #23765

    I guess it makes sense to see workplace zombies as toxic entities that slowly infects an office until a number of people become the undead themselves. Employee engagement seminars or programs can only do so much, I think, it will still depend on how the employee responds to it and how the program is designed in a way that the employee will want to respond to it. I really like the tip on exercising to help with mood regulation, because it is automatically paired with taking of yourself. Eating right and time, getting enough sleep, etc. This is a really informative article, thank you.

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    @Denise: Thank you, never too late for anything 😀

    @James & @Joy: I don’t know, man. I don’t know what you’re talking about =))

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    @Ms. Sandy: Thank you! I worked hard for these cheeks 😀

    @Ice: Reading, writing, watching my films and series, I like putting together 3D puzzles, I’ve recently taken up sketching, and I join Massive Open Online Course from different Universities just for the fun of it. As for desserts, I like a good trifle, but really, I’ll try anything sweet :))

    in reply to: are you a good writer? #21873

    This is a good article, especially if you’re starting to write. To simplify what the article said (or any author would say: Read and Practice. Read more and Practice more.

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    There is a good coffee shop called Magnum Opus, and it’s near the office! 😀

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    That was a good read, thank you 🙂

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