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Using Cornerstone Content to Acquire Word of Mouth Links

I'm sure you've heard this phrase more than once: "Content is King". Yeah, well, what does that really mean? I don't know the exact interpretation of the one who penned that phrase but what I do know, is that without a king, there is no kingdom. Without cornerstone content, your website is just another domain ...

Using Yes Content for Effective Emotional Content Strategy and SEO

You and I are created as emotional beings. We fear. We hate. We love. We laugh. We want. We feel. Feelings have a lot to do with your decisions - especially quick ones. Ones made when browsing the internet. Continue reading Using Yes Content for Effective Emotional Content Strategy and SEO

Training your Content to Look for Users

Did you know that you can make your content strategy designed in such a way that it looks for its target users? Uh-huh, yeah - you just need to let your content out and let it do the sniffing out of you users for you. Continue reading Training your Content to Look for Users ...

Developing a User Centric Content Strategy

Content should exist because there is a target set of audience - people who will read, watch, and/or look at your stuff. Keep in mind that the reason we are making content is not to make ourselves feel good, or to archive and document what our company is about. We make content for people - ...

Establishing your Content Identity

So many published content in the web today - it is an infinite sea of words. Do we need another SEO article published from SEO Hacker when there are so many SEO articles to choose from already? Why don't you just sit back and relax Sean - we have more than enough publishers choking out ...

Why is Content Strategy Important?

Content, content, content - aren't you ever contented? The web today is a place where content is vast, and many, to an almost infinite degree. Even in SEO we argue that content is the way to go - and it is. If you want to keep it clean and strong for the long run. Writing out ...