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All Links are Not Created Equal: 20 New Graphics on Google’s Valuation of Links

“Links are no longer equal. Not by a long shot.


How we Keep Search Relevant and Useful

“Over the years the search results page has evolved to include not only a list of blue links to pages across the web but also useful features to help you find what you are looking for faster.”


How we Achieved a Google Page Speed Score of 100 with WordPress

“Once again, Google has pushed out a significant core quality update. From what we can see, these changes have strongly affected a large number of sites..


Why Your Page’s Word Count isn’t as Important as You Might Think

“The longer your page’s word count is, the more chances it has to be successful in search. That might have been true 2 to 3 years ago, but does it still hold effective up to today?


Canonical Tags: A Simple Guide for Beginners

“Canonical tags re nothing new. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo united to create them. Their aim? To provide website owners with a way to solve duplicate content issues quickly and easily.”


E-A-T and SEO: How to Create Content That Google Wants

“While this term has been in the lexicon of many SEO’s for quite a while now, since the major Google algorithm update in August 2018 (AKA “the medic update”), a big bright spotlight has been shone on Google’s “E-A-T” — and it’s been frequently on the lips and fingertips of most SEO’s ever since.”


Magic of the Long Click: How Users Behavior Affects Ranking

“Achieving a long click means that you have satisfied the user query with sufficient and relevant information that they are looking for.


Why it’s Worth Targeting Keywords with no-to-low Monthly Search Volume

“These keywords tend to be the sweet spot – a high number of searches with low competition – so they’re often the priority when SEOs conduct their keyword research.”


250k+ Links and no Disavow File – Here’s What Happened When we Uploaded One

“John Mueller suggested that the links shown in Search Console are the ones that are worth focusing on and enough to compile a disavow file. I wanted to put this to the test.”


Helping Publishers and Users to Get More out of Visual Searches on Google Images with AMP

“Google Images has made a series of changes to help people explore. learn and do more through visual search.”


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