Growth Hacks Top 10



“Do you want to start learning or expanding your SEO learning process and don’t know how? created this SEO learning roadmap for you to make it easier”


How to Set Up Google Analytics 4 Conversions

“If you utilize GA goals, then you understand the importance of tracking activities that can lead to your business’ success.


Google Updated Metric Boundaries for Core Web Vitals in Search Console

“Google made a small change to the metric boundaries it uses for defining red versus yellow versus green scores in this report.


Google Passage Ranking is Live in the US English Results

“Passage ranking is Google’s way of algorithmically sifting through a long piece of content and being able to understand that a specific passage “


The Anatomy of the Perfect SEO Report

“Whether you are working as an in-house SEO or are agency-side, reports are something that we all have to produce.”


“There are 5 significant reasons why duplicate pages cause damage to your website.”


Email Outreach Tips: How to Increase your Open and Response Rates

“Email outreach takes a lot of work and patience. That’s the main reason why people started thinking that email outreach does not work anymore but yes, it still does.”


Optimizing for User Intent with Content-Tuning

“Pages can rank for many keywords, not because they cover a certain topic holistically but because they address many user intents or many variations of a query that expresses the same intent”


3 Top Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed

“It takes more than just great writing chops to create search-optimized content.”


“This patent is about presenting data with search results and deciding when to show that data in a knowledge panel with those search results.”


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