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“One of the primary ways people determine which search results might be relevant to their query is by reviewing the titles of listed web pages. That’s why Google Search works hard to provide the best titles for documents in our results to connect searchers with the content that creators, publishers, businesses, and others have produced.


Google’s Title/Header Change Does Not Impact Rankings

“This is purely a display change. This is not meant to change rankings. It’s easier to separate things out for testing. That said, we make ranking changes all the time too, so I wouldn’t assume you won’t see ranking changes, it’s just that they’re not due to this


8 Ways to Increase Blog Engagement

“There are a lot of factors you have to consider when you want your blog to be successful. It’s not just about writing good-quality articles. One of which would be user engagement for your posts.


2021 Core Web Vitals Update: Assessing the Initial Impact

“We spotted no dramatic difference between the post-update data for June and July. Field data confirms that the overall situation didn’t change much. However, there are smaller details we observed in the lab stats.”


Google Search Console Insights Behind the Curtains

“Search Console Insights is an experience that makes both Google Search Console and Google Analytics data available and tailored to content creators and website owners.”


“SEO Meta Tags are lines of text found in a website’s source code. These pieces of text describe what a page is about to both Google and searchers. While it cannot be found on the page itself, it does its job very well behind the scenes.”


How to Maintain Organic Performance when Merging Multiple Websites

“Developing a new organizational structure when merging two or more businesses is a complicated affair, but if your new business is going to rely on its website to drive sales, leads, or audience engagement, then defining a website structure that preserves and builds upon the performance of any existing websites that the merging parties own should be a top priority.”


How to Choose Pillar Page Topics

“While keyword research and relevant content are still key, your authority on a subject matter is coming into question more and more.”


How to Detect (and Deflect) Negative SEO Attacks

“Negative SEO is when a competitor uses black-hat tactics to attempt to sabotage the rankings of a competing website or web page. Not only is this practice unethical, but also sometimes illegal.”


“Content marketers are able to interact with potential customers before they are ready to buy. Instant connection. However, content marketing is completely ineffective without an effective distribution strategy.”


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