Growth Hacks Top 10


1 Google is Forcing you to Switch to HTTPS by October or Lose Rankings

 “You see, earlier today, Google sent out emails to Search Console users received an ultimatum from Google: ‘Switch to HTTPS, or suffer’…”


Phrase match is dead. Long live phrase match!

“Reports of the demise of phrase match have been greatly exaggerated, finds contributor Steve Cameron. It turns out that there are certain situations in which it comes in pretty handy.”


Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Boost Conversions by 49 CRO Experts

“Every type of business uses some common metrics to measure their performance. If you have a business website, for instance, the traffic you drive to that site will be among the important performance metrics.”


Why You Should Kill Gated Content Once and for All

“Gated content isn’t dead. It’s just dying. A slow, drawn-out, exceedingly painful death.It will always be around in one shape or form. It will always serve a purpose.”

5 How Tony Robbins Generates 1,000,000 Website Visitors Per MonthHow to Use Content & Social Selling to Make More Sales

“Whether you’re a Tony Robbins fan or a Tony Robbins skeptic, with over one million website visitors per month you can’t deny he’s done well for himself online.”


The Voice Playbook – Building a Marketing Plan for the Next Era in computing how to Move From Paid Search to Facebook Ads

This post serves a dual purpose: it’s a practical guide to the realities of preparing for voice right now, but equally it’s a rallying call to ensure our industry has a full understanding of just how big, disruptive, and transformational it will be — and that, as a result, we need to stand ready.”


Why Content Is King and How It Can Benefit SEO

Content creation & marketing and SEO has always been hand in hand when it came to the pursuit of online success. However, not many realize that there is a complicated line between them. More specifically, how content fits in the overall scheme of SEO.”


I Increased Webinar Attendance by Doing This One Thing

“Currently, more than 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing strategies. Webinars have exploded in growth over the past few years. And more marketers are starting to take advantage of them.”


Google reportedly offered $30 billion to acquire Snapchat

“Nerdy Google has failed at social time and time again, so it considered buying teen sensation Snapchat. The search giant held informal talks with Snap and floated an offer of $30 billion in 2016 before Snap’s last funding round, and just before its IPO this year, according to Business Insider’s Alex Heath. That offer was apparently an open secret inside Snap, and was on the table after the IPO, too.


Google Search Console Tutorial Part I: Search Appearance

“Ever since the rebranding of Google Webmaster Tools in 2015, the world was introduced to Google Search Console. After its introduction, the SEO industry has used it in a variety of ways. From backlink checks to the implementation of 301 redirects, Google Search Console could definitely help your campaign. However, not a lot of people can understand each and every function of Google Search Console.”


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