Growth Hacks Top 10

1Microsoft Ads Launches Dynamic Descriptions For Dynamic Search Ads

“While Google and Microsoft Ads have many similarities, Microsoft Ads launched a unique feature to their platform. This feature is not available in Google Ads, giving Microsoft a leg up on the competition.”
2How the producer economy is changing influencer marketing

“The digital landscape is so messy and it’s so hard to break through the noise,” said Jennifer Smith, CMO of online video platform Brightcove. “The challenge for marketing is to think about two things: how to create content for that space, and then how do you distribute that content back to the right people?”
310 Types of Digital Marketing Channels to Try [in 2022]

“How would you decide which type of digital marketing channel is right for your business? Here’s our comprehensive list of digital marketing channels for you to learn, understand, and try.”
4How PR Can Support Your Marketing Lightning Strike

“Just like the flash of light that instantly draws attention to the sky, the right amount of planning can enable your brand to implement its own proverbial lightning strike to support your product marketing strategy and momentarily capture attention within your market.”
5How To Create Inclusive Content To Make Your Audience Feel Seen (and Heard)

“While your content team can’t address all possible perspectives in every content effort, they can make great strides by implementing new thinking and processes and developing “muscle memory” for championing diversity in your content marketing.”
6The Professional’s Guide to SEO: Link Building Sneak Preview

“We’re developing a brand-new SEO guide for you — The Professional’s Guide to SEO, designed as your next-step resource once you’re comfortable with the baseline provided by the Beginner’s Guide to SEO.”
7How Much Should You Budget for Digital Marketing?

“While cutting your digital marketing budget will produce a stronger balance sheet in the near term, you’ll be left scratching your head as your competitors outpace your company with greater visibility and brand equity to support new go-to-market offerings.”
8What is Customer Relationship Management?

“By setting up this system, the company streamlines the process of staying connected to their prospects and customers, ultimately driving up retention and sales. According to Agile CRM and Salesforce, a company can boost sales by 29% and conversion rates by up to 300% with proper CRM implementation.”
9How Market Intelligence Will Make Your Marketing Team More Agile

“With this information, your marketing team will be better equipped to position your company in the marketplace. For companies that prioritize intelligence data, decision-making can be five times faster.”
10Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On February 24th (Unconfirmed)

“I am seeing new signs of a possible, but yet, unconfirmed Google Search ranking algorithm update that seemed to touch down on Thursday, February 24th. To be honest, this is most likely unrelated to the desktop version of the page experience update that started on Thursday, February 22nd.”
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