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“Google’s research finds that not only do 65% of consumers have negative experiences when ads are not relevant, but 74% of customers only want ads that are relevant.


What’s next for advertisers as Google changes course again on cookie alternatives

“For the third time, the new year means new plans for Google as it continues to alter its plan to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome. On Jan. 25, the tech giant introduced a new Privacy Sandbox proposal called Topics that will replace Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) — exactly a year after putting its weight behind the proposal.”


State of SEO 2022: A Guide to SEO in the Philippines

“Now the question is, will it be wise for you and your business to shift to e-commerce? In this article on the state of SEO 2022, you will see the search landscape the Philippines has, the performance of possible SEO agency partners, and the digital trends you should be preparing for.


How Dynamic Content Can Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

“Dynamic content is a personalization tool; an email’s content changes depending on what person is viewing the email. But what exactly is the tool? How does it work? And how can you use it in your email marketing efforts to get better leverage and boost your marketing plan?”


Your Audience Isn’t Really Interested in ‘Just the Facts’ Anymore [Rose-Colored Glasses]

“A group of researchers actually have studied this so-called “backfire effect” and found that correcting someone “actually increases [emphasis mine] misperceptions among the group in question.””


“Contextualizing topics, statistics, and events serves as a core part of our content ideation process. Today, I’m going to share our strategy so you can create content that has real news value, and that can resonate with newsroom editors.”


Blogging for SEO: The Checklist Every Writer Needs

“Blogging for SEO is both an art and a science. There’s a formula to ensure you have the best chance of ranking in Google’s search results.”


Discovery Ads: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

“Unlike Google Display Network, Discovery Ads targets high-intent audiences. Because Discovery is AI-driven, this ad solves a problem or answers the user’s question automatically before it appears in the search bar rather than relying on the user query.”


How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

“Market research allows you to meet your buyer where they are. As our world (both digital and analog) becomes louder and demands more and more of our attention, this proves invaluable. By understanding your buyer’s problems, pain points, and desired solutions, you can aptly craft your product or service to naturally appeal to them.”


“Google will be deprecating the Google My Business API on April 30, 2022 and replacing it with new APIs in the Google federated model. So you will have to update any of the old APIs you may be using with the new ones within the next few months.”


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