Growth Hacks Top 10



“The ultimate goal of content marketing is to increase sales and grow a business, so it’s about more than just winning a sale.”


Local SEO Guide for 2021

“Local SEO is all about focusing on the area/s your business has presence, increasing your online visibility, and attracting more relevant customers who are near you.”


How to Do a Content Gap Analysis for SEO

Running a content gap analysis is crucial to finding holes in your content so you can fill them and make it easier for users to find your website and buy from you.”


What We Know About Google’s Passage Indexing

“Instead of a change in indexing, a search developer advocate for Google named Martin Splitt called Passage Indexing a ‘ranking change.”


Google Ranks Pages But Overall Site Greatly Influences The Ranking Pages

“Google evaluates your site’s quality overall and that can impact your site during broad core updates, in Google Discover, whether Rich Results are shown for your site, and whether individual pages of your site rank.”


“They’re releasing 4 major changes in the Index Coverage report that will help webmasters have a more thorough and deeper understanding of how Google crawls or indexes their website.”


Why Local Links May Reign Supreme

“Begin building a relationship with other organizations in your community and develop brand awareness among the locals, and you’ll be on your way to earning some additional attention online (and in-person!)”


A Guide to Google Rich Snippets for SEO

“The primary benefit of utilizing rich results for your webpage/website is to give the users an easier time finding the information they want to see.”


Best practices for carousels

“A well-implemented carousel, in and of itself, should have very minimal or no impact on performance… However, large assets can impact performance regardless of whether they are displayed in a carousel or elsewhere.”


“The updated interface aims to make the search interface easier to read for searchers while providing a cleaner and more modern experience, the company said.”


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