Growth Hacks Top 10


1 301 Redirects Rules Change: What You Need to Know for SEO

“301 and 302 redirects have changed in the way they pass PageRank in the web. Here’s what you need to know.”


How to Optimize for Satisfaction in SEO

“Provide direct answers to queries frequently used by searchers to find your content, so you can give the right information/experience to visitors fast.”


Broken Link Building Tutorial for Beginners

“Today, let me walk you through the fundamentals of one of the effective link building tactics ever exist in the search marketing industry – broken link building.”


Can’t Get Through to Your Audience? 3 Strategies to Get a Reaction

“All animals, including humans, are wired to react in a way that maximizes exposure to rewards and minimizes the chance of punishment.”

5 The 10 Most Important Metrics You Should be Tracking in Content Marketing

“Today, 88% of marketers are using content marketing – up 2% from last year, with as many as 76% of marketers planning to produce more content in 2016.”


How does Google’s local algorithm work in 2016?

“Columnist Andrew Shotland shares insights gleaned from a large-scale statistical analysis of local search ranking factors in Google. “

7 How Emotional Copywriting Is Complete Bogus

“It’s clear that emotions are important when it comes to purchase habits and how we engage with brands, but an emotional response doesn’t explain why we react to brands in a particular way.”


Visual Engagement Metrics: Your Optimization Secret Weapon

“Adding eye-tracking into your arsenal will increase your understanding of user behavior as well as the usability of your site, and it will arm with your enough (valuable) test hypotheses to last you for a long time.”

9 Gain an Unfair Advantage With 10 Underutilized Traffic Sources for Startups

“Here are 10 underutilized traffic sources that are perfect for startup marketers.”


The 15 Minute Guide to Growth Marketing

“The conversation around growth marketing is at an all time high. Startups are hiring growth teams and implementing growth strategies with increased frequency. Growth is growing.”


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