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“A winning strategy starts with a well-formed audit from the CRO specialist that targets contingencies and issues that can come up in the pursuit of astounding conversions.”


Core Web Vitals: The Next Official Google Ranking Factor – Whiteboard Friday

“There’s a new ranking factor in town: Core Web Vitals. Expected in 2021, this Google-announced algorithm change has a few details you should be aware of. Cyrus Shepard dives in this week on Whiteboard Friday.”


How to Increase Website Authority (Domain Rating)

“If you want to rank higher in Google and get more organic traffic to your website, you might have read that increasing your website authority is the solution.


What SEOs get wrong about Google updates

“Many SEOs blame a Google algorithm update for their ranking declines and many SEOs often try to figure out which ranking factors they need to work on for a specific site. The thing is, often this is the wrong way to go about Google algorithm updates.”


Essential Expert Tips on Fixing and Avoiding Google Penalties

“…penalties from Google triggered by toxic inbound links come in many flavors. Each penalty type that we were able to detect has its nuances, demanding specific steps for treating it. “


Should you be Worried about Content Scrapers?

“If you own a high-quality website that is getting a good amount of traffic, then you are most likely a victim of content scrapers. Content scraping is the illegal process of copying content from high-quality sources and publishes them as their own.”


Prepare for mobile-first indexing (with a little extra time)

“We realize that in these uncertain times, it’s not always easy to focus on work as otherwise, so we’ve decided to extend the timeframe to the end of March 2021. At that time, we’re planning on switching our indexing over to mobile-first indexing.”


Advanced tactics for SEO title tag optimization

“For many search marketers, title tags are one of the first-learned elements of the SEO’s toolkit. Unfortunately, that leads many to toss off title tag optimization as a beginner’s tactic.”


How to Increase Traffic Through New Google Image Search Update

“Google recently released an update that makes it easier for users to find more information on the events, places, objects, etc. displayed on Google Images.”


Page Load Time: How Quickly Should a Page Load in 2020?

“For most websites, a lot of effort will have to be made to improve page speed, so it’s important to know at what point you can feel confident that you are in the green and ready to move on to other projects.”


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