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The Best of Inbound Marketing for July, 2014
1 What Everybody Ought to Know About Link Building

“Link building is dead. I’ve heard it a hundred times, and I still don’t believe it’s true. On the contrary I think link building is becoming more and more valuable.”

20 SEO Experts on Best Link Building Strategies that Don’t Require Content

“In this roundup, you’ll find some of the very best information on the whole web on the topic, along with personally tested, result-oriented, practical tips.

A Simple Plan for Measuring the Marketing Effectiveness of Content

“What does it mean that your content marketing is “working?” In general, this means that it’s supporting your marketing and business goals.

The Secret Strategies to Successful Link Building

“Lately I’ve been compiling link building techniques to share with everyone, and also a way for me to even prove that link building still has its value in spite of the growing numbers of SEOs believing that it’s dead…

How to Get More People to Share Your Blog Posts [Infographic]

“I’m sure you’ve heard that if you want people to share your blog posts, all you have to do is create exceptional blog posts. It’s that simple, right?

Authorship Badges Removed: Still Worth Setting Up

“We’ve been recommending to our clients that they create Google+ Profiles for themselves, and that they participate actively in the social network, along with other social channels that can help them expand their visibility across the Web.

10 Questions to Supercharge a New SEO Process

“Starting a new SEO process with a new client or site, especially in an industry that you have no experience or a new country or language…


“Do you want to get your articles published on sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, or Entrepreneur Magazine? Of course, you do. It’s a great way to gain traffic and generate sales.”

How to Never Run Out of Great Ideas

“We are drowning in content, and content marketers are going to have to work harder to stand out. Learn the processes and strategies that can make great content sustainable.

How To Minimise Damage Control When Your Website Blows Up

“The guy who fixed my car had a weird habit. If he’d promise to deliver my car on Friday, he’d call on Wednesday and give me a status report.

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