Growth Hacks Top 10



“Search engines evolved in how they understand searches and queries to the point that the same strategies we used almost a decade ago are not enough now.”


Google Search Console Insights BETA

“Google is sending out emails about Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integrated Reports. It is called Google Search Console Insights and it gives you a pretty neat view of how well your content is performing”


Everything You Need to Know About Google PageRank (& Why It Still Matters in 2020)

“If you have been working in the industry for more than a few years, you will undoubtedly remember the excitement that came when you heard that there had been an update to the PageRank toolbar.


Usage of Voice has Plateaued 

“Compared with past growth, 2020 survey data show flat-to-declining usage.”


How We Fought Search Spam on Google – Webspam Report 2019

“Every search matters. That is why whenever you come to Goole Search to find relevant and useful information.”


How to Get in Google News

“Google News is the go-to platform for millions of users worldside for local and international news Appearing in Google News provides a lot of benefits for website owners such as more traffic.”¬†


How to Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualifies Leads

“Are you optimizing your content for Google AND conversions? Here are five ways you can turn organic traffic into qualified leads.”


A Well-Formed Query Helps Search Engines Understand User Intent in the Query

“A Well-Formed Query is structured in a way that allows a search engine to understand the user intent behind the query.”


Studying the Anatomy of a Successful High-Conversion Landing Page

“Following a series of structural rules can help bump your landing page into the top 25% of those reaching conversion rates of 5.31% or higher.”


SEO: The Job Creator For 2020 and Ahead

“The number of internet searches has gone up and that makes the formulation of an effective SEO strategy all the more important.”


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