Growth Hacks Top 10

1LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Newsletters

“The whole process of getting started with newsletters is easy and helps not only increase engagement with followers, but extends the viewership outside of the main platform.”
2What brands can do as inflation adds to consumer woes

“For brands looking to engage consumers amid inflation, the key will be reducing risks — not just increasing value — by focusing on the losses the economic phenomenon causes, according to “Inflation and Risk Reduction,” a report by J. Walker Smith, Kantar’s chief knowledge officer for North America.”
3Learn SEO: The Complete Guide for Beginners

“Here in the first part of our learn SEO series, Learn SEO: The Complete Guide for Beginners, you will be introduced to the different kinds of SEO, the most important ranking factors, notable algorithm updates, and so on. You will also learn about the different SEO tools that you can use for research and monitoring.”
4It’s Time the Communications Department Is Seen as a Revenue Generator

“No longer a nice-to-have, a communications department is a must-have for organizations that understand the dynamics between employee and brand, between customer and corporate purpose, and behind trust, transparency, and mission.”
5How To Build Amazing Content Briefs

“A well-structured content brief keeps all stakeholders aligned on expectations; writers know key requirements like the target word count, key sub-topics, title, and keywords to use. It should also provide clarity on the audience and content goals.”
6The Four Pillars of Relevancy: How Digital PR Campaigns Can Lead to Gains in Every Sector

“Relevance continues to be a hot topic in search, especially since John Mueller broke the internet last year by saying that the “number of links doesn’t matter at all”, and that relevant content trumps the quantity of content.”
7Inbound Marketing Trends: Content Marketing Priorities for 2022

“After two years of pivoting, many companies are rethinking what matters most when it comes to their content marketing strategy. The pandemic revealed so many inefficient processes, outdated technology, or just plain ineffective approaches. Some companies have experienced significant turnover and are adjusting to smaller, leaner teams; others have grown so fast, they’re having a hard time keeping up with day-to-day demands.”
8What Google Search Isn’t Showing You

“Better information could be found on social media, discussion boards, and small-scale personal blogs, but Google Search was deprioritizing those platforms in favor of corporate Web sites, which could afford the money and effort it takes to optimize for Google’s search algorithm. “The authentic Web” seemed hidden, Brereton said. “The algorithms tell us what to read.””
9How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map [Examples + Template]

“According to Baymard Institute, nearly 70% of online shoppers abandoned their cart in 2021. Why does a customer spend hours adding products to their cart just to close the tab? Why is it taking customers several steps to get from point A to point B when it should only take one?”
10Protecting Mental Health and Nurturing Our Industry’s Brilliant Creative Minds in a New World of Hybrid Working

“So, as a more hybrid future beckons, we need to invest even more in our creative workforce. We need to build confidence and connection and enable people to enjoy the ‘best of both in a world of home and office working. In doing so we can create workplaces that foster creativity and are more productive.”
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