Growth Hacks Top 10


1 12 Best Practices For Writing Website Copy That Actually Converts

“Blog visitors who only read your blog are enough if you are just counting page hits, but if you want anything of more serious value — sales, for example — you’ll need to turn those readers into customers.”

2 5 Customer Retention Strategies to Increase Growth Now

“Recently we’ve been reviewing our customer retention, and I wanted to share with you some of the concepts driving our current thinking.”

3 11 Things That Successful Social Media Marketers Do Differently

“Social media has become an integrated part of our lives for quite some time. Even more, many small business owners have been incorporated this new channel into their overall marketing strategy.”

4 17 Persuasive Writing Techniques You Can Use Today to Sell More Products

“17 Persuasive Writing Techniques You Can Use Today to Sell More Products”

5 How Subdomains and Subfolders Affect SEO

“All of the fantastic copy in the world, no matter how delightful to read, means nothing if it doesn’t convert.”

6 How Much Traffic Will You Lose From The Upcoming Mobile SEO-Pocalypse?

“Google’s mobile-friendliness update is coming this April, but should you be rushing to make your site mobile-friendly?”

7 How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers

“Note from Glen: As a kid, I remember my mom rubbing antiseptic ointment onto my bloodied knee after a fall.”

8 46 (Tweetable) Tips For Launching/Relaunching A Website

“A lingering kiss at the door before you leave your wife, you wish her all the best for today. It’s come around quick.”

9 How A Startup Attracted 64,000 Twitter Followers, Before It Even Launched

“Leash Yourself built a social media base before it even launched, and you can apply the same strategies and techniques for your startup or small business.”

10 10 Killer Email Marketing Infographics

“In the age of “infobesity,” we are bombarded by information at every turn.”


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